who is xander sky?
Xander Sky is the mysterious person who has always existed in the mind and body of Alex Lumelsky. For most of his life, Xander has felt overshadowed by his louder neighbor Alex, and has often been reluctant to reveal himself as a result. For many years, he especially resented Alex for deliberately shortening their name from ALEXANDER, leaving the mysterious letter "X" as the only possible clue to the existence of Xander...

Though he has been a recluse for much of his life, Xander has always been more comfortable when Alex had a musical instrument in his hands. It seems that these wooden tools gave Xander a power that he otherwise lacked and for those few moments, Xander was always in control. Of course, when the music was over, Alex always got the credit and Xander receeded back into his subconcious home.

For awhile in the 1990s, it appeared that Xander would finally be able to truly express himself. Music flowed with ease and Xander was growing in strength. Xander didn't even mind that Alex continued to take credit for everything that Xander did, like the time when Alex would wake up and think that he was still dreaming. Alex just could not face the fact that he was not dreaming at all. It was Xander, feeling empowered, lingering on into the concsious, feeding their mind with beautiful visions of sound and color. Xander felt particularly slighted when Alex took the credit for Xander's songs and had the nerve to title his 1995 debut album "wakeupdreaming"... But as long as there was music to be played, Xander was happy.

And the music continued to flow, from 1994 until 1998 Xander was in charge (though his identity was still a secret), and together with Alex they traveled from coast to coast, living life and singing songs. Still, it was always a struggle to get Alex to stay out of Xander's way. Sometime around 1997, Alex began to put up a real struggle which made Xander really sad and led him to write many sad songs. The songs were brought together into a collection titled "Sinking," which is exactly how Xander felt at the time.

This constant struggle finally proved too much for Xander, and he performed his last show at the Pink Pony in New York City in December 1998. After they returned to Detroit from that last trip, Alex ceased control and put a stop to performances completely. But Xander had a plan. Quietly, he bid Alex to surround himselves with a variety of musical instruments. Little by little, he began to put together a small recording studio — right in their home, a major victory for Xander. Xander's crowning achievement of the period came in 2000 when he convinced Alex to spend his savings on a beautiful baby grand piano.

Gradually, Xander grew active again, recording dozens of musical ideas and songs during 2001 and 2002. Xander is even succeeding in becoming friendlier with Alex, though Alex still needs much encouragement and reassurance to keep him from suppressing Xander. A major victory for Xander came when one of his songs was included on "Trampoline Records Greatest Hits Vol. I". For the first time, Xander is finally given credit for his music, and amazingly, Alex appears to be OK with this!


the saga of trampoline records
Formed in 1994 by friends and fellow songwriters Adam Druckman and Alex Lumelsky, the Detroit-based label's original goal was to showcase and support artists who are underappreciated or overlooked by Detroit's mainstream music scene. The label released albums by Lumelsky, Priscilla Ederle, Sister Seed and Lost In Detroit, a compilation of five Detroit based songwriters.

Fast forward to early 2002, three LA-based friends and artists, Marc Dauer, Rami Jaffee and Pete Yorn plan to launch a new label, their vision being to help bring more attention to deserving but overlooked artists in the LA area. Following a period of long deliberation and what can only be explained as a cosmic-level coincidence, the three finally agree to name their new label Trampoline Records — completely unaware of the existence of Trampoline in Detroit, MI. To their credit, the LA guys decide to contact their lesser-known cosmic brothers in Detroit to inquire about the name.

Adam, who originally coined the"Trampoline" name, received a call in early 2002 from Marc Dauer who was looking to speak with someone from Trampoline Records. No longer involved with the label, Adam suggests that Marc contact Alex instead. Following a series of conversations, Alex is impressed with the vision Marc and Rami are describing for their label. Rejecting an offer to purchase the name outright, Alex suggests that the LA boys can have the name free of charge if they consider releasing some of his music. They nervously agree to hear a demo and discover that the musical style is very much in their neighborhood.

Alex visits Marc and Rami in Los Angeles, where Rami adds his B3 magic to "I Want To Be A Man." Spirits are high, contracts are signed, friendships are born and Alex takes off to the desert for some reflection. While visiting Joshua Tree national park, Alex stares into the eye of a coyote and finds Xander staring back at him. In short, Alex has an epiphany and leaves the desert as Xander.


Cowboy dreams, 1973
Kharkov, Ukraine


Cowboy dreams, 2003
Cheyenne, Wyoming


In the desert, April 2002
Joshua Tree National Park, California


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